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    What is the Marda Loop? By far one of the best outdoor shopping spaces in all of Calgary … and the community of Altadore has it within its borders! Altadore is changing as a community. Condos are replacing single-family homes as young people move in and take charge. They want a more urban-inspired life, and they want better shopping to be a focal point of that life.

    The borders of Altadore are as follows: 20th St to the west, 14th St to the east, 50th Av to the south and 34th Av to the north. Prices of homes in the area range from $550,000 to $2,400,000, with 2,484 residences located within Altadore and a total population of 9,116 persons as of 2012. That makes Altadore quite the large community by relative comparison.

    Altadore has convenient transit options, particularly bus route 107. It stops once within the community and has a terminal on 54th Av.

    Parks & Recreation
    To the west of Altadore is River Park. The community is consistently named one of the best in Calgary, and a big reason is how close it is to this park right on the Elbow River. We’ve already spoken a bit about the Marda Loop, and this shopping phenomenon truly must be experienced to be fully understood. Boutiques, coffee houses, shops and pubs — it’s all about uniqueness here, not huge malls. Who doesn’t want the best shopping spot in town right outside their door?

    Schools in Altadore include the Glenmore Christian Academy, the Calgary Waldorf School, the Central Memorial High School, Mount Royal Junior High and Altadore Elementary.

    Houses of Worship
    Houses of worship in Altadore include Eckankar Religion of the Light, the River Park Church and the Altadore Baptist Church.