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    Bayview is located on the Glenmore Reservoir. It was established in 1967 as the definition of luxury. Custom-built homes define the community, as well as an alcove of beautiful townhomes. Only 682 dwellings are located in Bayview, making it extremely exclusive. None is under $1,000,000, and prices range up to $3,000,000 and beyond. 682 persons live within these dwellings.

    East of Bayview is the LRT line.

    Parks & Recreation
    The community is too small to fit parks within it, but the greenery of the Glenmore Reservoir runs along it and dwarfs what most Calgary communities have to offer as far as outdoor space. This is largely the reason the home prices in Bayview are so high … the views are simply stunning. Also, residents have boats and go out on the water when they want to enjoy the outdoors — something only the affluent can enjoy. Furthermore, their backyards are so large the need for a park is not urgent.

    Residents don’t even have to leave their community to go grocery shopping, as Market Square Fine Foods is right within its boundaries. Boutiques line the exterior, like Ducks Fashion and Michelle’s Floral Boutique. However, if residents want to do serious shopping that need to drive a ways because the area surrounding Bayview is quaint, quiet and exclusive residential space not meant to be muddied by commercial interests.

    Schools include Bishop Grandin High School, Louis Riel Elementary/Junior High, St. Benedict Elementary, John Ware Junior High and Nellie McClung Elementary.

    Houses of Worship
    Houses of worship include Oak Park Church of Christ, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Holy Spirit Catholic Church and the Foundation Baptist Church.