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    Lake Bonavista

    Lake Bonavista was constructed in 1967. The name refers to the lake at the center of the community, below which is the smaller lake Bonaventure. What are the borders of Lake Bonavista? Macleod Trail SE to the west, Canyon Meadows Drive SE to the south and Bow Bottom Trail SE to the east, as well as Anderson Road SE to the north.
    In 2012 the population of the community was 10,475, with 4,106 homes making up the community, ranging in price from $500,000 to $800,000.

    Route 35 serves the Lake Bonavista community via bus. There are two stops, and the CTrain moves north beyond Macleod Trail. Residents can catch the Ctrain at Macleod/Canyon Meadows, or the bus (in addition to the stops) at the terminal on Anderson.

    Parks & Recreation
    With a couple lakes at the center of the community, it’s no surprise that Lake Bonavista also has ample green space throughout. Residents can enjoy year-round recreation on Lake Bonavista, making the need to travel outside the community and spend on entertainment less pressing. The other, smaller lake, Lake Bonaventure, is only accessible to owners of properties on the lake. This means though it is smaller it is also less crowded and more exclusive.

    Schools within the community include Lake Bonavista School, Nickle Junior High, St. Boniface Elementary, St. Bonaventure Junior High.

    Houses of Worship
    Schools within the community Bonavista Baptist Church, St. Bonaventure Church, Bonavista Evangelical Missionary Church, Holy Nativity Anglican Church.